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0121 233 3100
The UK’s Leading Occupational Health Software

Medgate UK have a wealth of experience within the occupational health marketplace. Our solutions improve efficiency through streamlining processes and encouraging automation.

We live in an increasingly mobile society and with expanding occupational health services the demand to be able to work remotely has never been so great. With a web-based system there is no need to be tied to one specific place. Provided you have internet access, you can access Cohort anywhere.

Cohort saves you time by automating common tasks, such as; booking an appointment, producing a list of health surveillance recalls, providing reports to management, and collating a full set of patient records. This allows more time to be spent on what is important to you: the business of adding value as a service provider.

Cohort is easy to access and helps you produce reports about occupational health at your organisation. For example, it is easy to find out how much time employees spend performing certain tasks, how many DNA’s they are dealing with, and which department has the most stress cases. This is a just a tiny sampling of the volume of useful information in Cohort which drives your attention and activities into the right areas.

Cohort makes it easier to comply with guidelines, including general, legislative and internal rules and commitments, as well as specifically aid towards the achievement of SEQOHS and MoHaWK accreditation.

Cohort is proven within the NHS with 170 hospitals already using our software, along with fire services, local councils, OH Providers and commercial organisations. Cohort benefits from an active user group who drive product enhancement.