Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cohort?

  • Cohort is an Occupational Health software system that improves efficiency through streamlining processes and encouraging automation. It gives Occupational Health Departments the opportunity to go paper-light or paper-free, reducing errors and increasing productivity. Ultimately, this saves your department time and money.

What are the System Requirements?

  • A Windows 2003 server is the earliest version we can install Cohort software onto your PC. For a detailed specific requirements list, please contact us.

Can it be configured?

  • Yes. Cohort has the ability to change to suit your department’s needs. Our bespoke system will work around your requirements.

Does it integrate with other software systems, like HR or Finance programs currently in place?

  • Yes, Cohort has no restrictions, providing the third party agrees to do this via data upload and data upload bridge.

Is Cohort compatible with testing equipment?

  • Yes Cohort can connect to your audiometers and spirometers and download tests directly into the system; removing time and reducing errors. Colour-coded results and graphs are generated within Cohort. Please contact us for the full list.

Going paper-light or paper-free; who scans the documents? Us, Medgate UK Ltd, or a third party?

  • Any of the above. If your company aspires to be paper-free; Medgate UK Ltd can organise a bulk upload against Cohort as required.

Is my data safe in the Hosted environment?

  • Our secure Tier 4, ISO 27001 hosted datacentre is the most stringent level possible. Signing up for the Cohort Hosted Solution means never having to worry about your Cohort system, because everything is in the hands of Medgate UK Limited’s Cohort experts.

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