Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Technological developments are presenting the health care sector with a huge opportunity for improvement. Systems that have relied for decades on shuffling paper from department to department are now gradually improving, thanks to the adoption of automation, mobile technologies and cloud hosting. Large-scale reforms are being carried out across the NHS to improve quality and delivery of services, and so there is a consistent focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

Long being reliant on paper-based systems (like many NHS institutions), Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has moved to a paper-light system which has had a radical impact on their ability to provide a more efficient and higher quality service.

Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • How Cohort’s hosted solution has helped Great Western manage their multiple satellite clinics.
  • How easy it is for Great Western to manage appointments and update clinician diaries.
  • Why automation has made such a difference to some of their key processes.
  • How reporting has been made easier and faster.
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