Core Modules

Appointments & Diary

This module caters for both the clinical and personal diary. A full calendar display gives the user a view of past, present and future entries, which provides an efficient way of scheduling and recalling clients.


The Cohort system comes complete with a standard suite of reports which includes the reporting functionality you need to help you meet and achieve SEQOHS and MoHaWK guidelines.

Sharps & Needlesticks

This module allows for the detailed recording and analysis of sharps and needlestick incidents within an organisation, providing the user with instant advice on post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) protocol.

Sickness Absence

This module can monitor the sickness/absence of staff and clients and will recognise repetitive periods of sickness; highlighting trends and brings to your attention problem cases. The module includes a comprehensive reporting tool, empowering you to produce any sickness absence reports as required.


This module is associated with the Diary and Appointment modules, to ensure the task can be scheduled within a few clicks. It is also possible to see the client registration page associated with the task, to ensure the correct individual is being seen and notes can be instantly added to their record.


The Registration module is at the heart of the Cohort system. This module contains all the essential demographic and employee information. Client details are created and modified, simply and efficiently.


The Pre-Placement module within Cohort allows for the recording and reporting at all stages of the pre-placement process. Pre-placement screening facilitates the identification of any potential employee who may have specific health requirements which influences how they perform in the workplace or for the specific role for which they are applying for.


One of the most powerful and comprehensive features of the Cohort system. Notes can be directly linked to relevant cases and the user also has the ability to be able to create a note linked to an employee record, ensuring a paper-light and paper-free environment is ultimately obtainable.

Management Referrals

This module helps to plan, direct and optimise services in order to meet key performance indicators (KPI’s) and provide important hot spot information for any organisation.

Immunisation & Recall

The innovative immunisation and recall module is semi-automated and requires minimal user intervention. Once clients are attached to a schedule Cohort ensures the course is completed satisfactorily. SMS Text Facility Reduce your DNA statistic by a guaranteed minimum of 10-15% by incorporating the SMS text facility within Cohort. An appointment reminder sent directly to the… Read More

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