Appointments & Diary

This module caters for both the clinical and personal diary. A full calendar display gives the user a view of past, present and future entries, which provides an efficient way of scheduling and recalling clients.

  • Microsoft outlook ‘look and feel’
  • Day and week views available
  • Attendance classification (DNA, Cancellation, Postponed etc)
  • User definable appointment times and reasons
  • Clinical coding options – ICD 10 classification
  • Full daybook listings – global or session specific
  • Recursive appointment booking option
  • First available appointment search

  • Block booking function to cater for holidays etc
  • Split screen view for multiple sessions
  • Automatic generation of appointment / DNA letters
  • Colour-coded appointments
  • Assign appointments to specific employers, where multiple records exist
  • Optional Text Message prompt
  • Appointment clashes instantly highlighted and easily amended within the module

About Cohort

Cohort Occupational Health Management Software is used by occupational health professionals across a wide range of industries, enabling users to improve employee health, aid occupational health compliance and achieve accreditations such as SEQOHS and MoHaWK. Read some of our customer testimonials to see how Cohort can benefit your organisation.

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