When OH departments have a large volume of client information in hard copy format, it opens up many problems in terms of data protection, data storage, data accuracy, reporting, and workflow issues. The Registration module is at the heart of the Cohort system. This module contains all the essential demographic and employee information. Client details are created and modified, simply and efficiently.

With client information, appointments, vaccination histories and a host of other features only one click away, users are able to navigate the system with confidence and ease.

  • Full demographic and employee information including emergency contact and GP details
  • Pre-Placement recording
  • Interactive 6 month activity summary
  • Multiple employees and departments catered for

  • Comprehensive user-defined search facility
  • Up-to-date information readily available via the monthly upload routine catering for starters and leavers
  • Ideal for external income generation and structured recall schedules

About Cohort

Cohort Occupational Health Management Software is used by occupational health professionals across a wide range of industries, enabling users to improve employee health, aid occupational health compliance and achieve accreditations such as SEQOHS and MoHaWK. Read some of our customer testimonials to see how Cohort can benefit your organisation.

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