One of the most common problems OH departments face is keeping up with tasks; who is responsible, when the task needs to be done, and what stage of the process that task is currently at. Tasks can ‘slip through the net’ when they’ve been written on a Post-It note and left on a person’s desk. This module is associated with the Diary and Appointment modules, to ensure the task can be scheduled within a few clicks. It is also possible to see the client registration page associated with the task, to ensure the correct individual is being seen and notes can be instantly added to their record.

Scheduled electronic notifications along with priority levels arrive as tasks in the Cohort in-tray. Individual users or groups of users have access to their own tasks for the day or week. Overdue items can be easily identified and managed.

  • Priority levels available
  • Enhanced task management

  • Reduced paper trail
  • Overdue items identifiable

About Cohort

Cohort Occupational Health Management Software is used by occupational health professionals across a wide range of industries, enabling users to improve employee health, aid occupational health compliance and achieve accreditations such as SEQOHS and MoHaWK. Read some of our customer testimonials to see how Cohort can benefit your organisation.

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