Hosted Services

iso27001Medgate UK are now able to provide you with a method of reducing costs, whilst increasing profitability and agility within your OH Department.

Our secure Tier 4, ISO 27001 hosted datacentre provides for all your traditional IT functions such as infrastructure, security and monitoring; along with the storage of your Cohort product and database.

All of these services are provided at a fixed cost and eliminate the need for input and support of your local IT.

Benefits of a Cohort hosted solution include:

  • Cohort Upgrades – Receive the benefits from the latest releases without the waiting
  • Peripatetic working – Access anywhere and remote working including from home (subject to internet access)
  • Rapid implementation – A complete solution in a fraction of the time it would take you to implement an internal solution
  • High quality service at low cost – You get the benefits of powerful hardware, network infrastructure, software upgrades, expert technical staff, and security solutions that many enterprises could not afford to maintain on their own

  • Minimal upfront investment – No expensive hardware start-up costs
  • Zero maintenance – No need to worry about the cost and hassle of backup, keeping the operating systems up-to-date and upgrading to the latest version, all of these tasks are catered for within the service offered
  • Flexible and scalable – You can add more users and modules quickly and easily
  • Expert technical and consultancy services – Technical support is included to help you resolve any related problems or answer any questions

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