Optional Modules

Electronic Staff Record (ESR)

The Electronic Staff Record system aims to standardise, streamline and simplify workforce processes, whilst simultaneously enhancing the quality of workforce information. Cohort offers an exclusive full bi-directional interface with the ESR which consists of: Interaction with basic demographics Interaction with ‘Fitness Level’ on Pre-Placements (Fit or Fit with Restrictions Only) Interaction with Immunisations & Bloods Ultimately,… Read More


The Virtual Reception system assists the running of clinical reception.

Postcode Locator

The Royal Mail postcode address finder can be added to your Cohort system. This module will dramatically reduce the time spent on creating new records. It will also increase the data capture and accuracy of an employee’s demographic address


This module has been designed in conjunction with two leading NHS Consultants and contains all of the key fields a professional Occupational Health Clinician requires post consultation.

Health Surveillance Plus

This is a natural extension to the Specific Health Surveillance module currently available within the Cohort system as standard. Here questionnaires can be sent out directly to specific clients or groups of clients prior to an appointment being made or the client seen. Links can also be securely provided on your organisation’s intranet making the… Read More

Appointments Plus

With Cohort’s unique online functionality you will be able to reduce your sickness absence rate and the time this takes to monitor, track and control, hopefully allowing more time to be spent on alternative campaigns, problem staff and adding true value to your business.

Employment Plus

The module allows HR to send an email, containing a link to the online pre-placement form, prepopulated with a unique PIN for each candidate, to a prospective applicant.

Sharps & Needlesticks

This online assessment form allows for full recording of any incidents which take place out of normal standard Occupational Health Department hours.

Referral Plus

The referral process is online and streamlined to allow management to place a referral directly with Occupational Health, with an embedded e-form for the referral.

Calm Health

CALM is a lifestyle product with functional and legislative elements. Available to use as a module integrated within Cohort or as a stand-alone solution.

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