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CALM is a lifestyle product with functional and legislative elements. Available to use as a module integrated within Cohort or as a stand-alone solution. It is a health screening tool which has been designed by Occupational Health professionals to assist in the screening and improvement of the general wellbeing of individual employees. CALM consists of a number of modules, each emphasising a number of lifestyle factors. Assessments, educational material and motivational exercises encourage staff to make more positive, proactive lifestyle choices, which ultimately facilitates a reduction in their negative lifestyle-related issues.

  • CALM Health Risk: This assesses the risk factors which are most likely to have a negative impact on individual health, namely; smoking, weight, stress, exercise levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. A personal report is generated which outlines general health risk and a coronary health risk (incorporating the Framingham score). A structured questionnaire enables the common symptoms and identifiers of common ailments and diseases to be recorded.
  • CALM Body Measurements: This provides an overall record of BMI, hip-to-waist ratio, body fat, blood pressure and pulse, along with lung function, cholesterol, urine analysis, audio and vision. Comparisons are made between the individual’s ratings and against either the norm or the ideal scores. These are also available in a graphical display.

  • CALM Stress: This analyses multiple factors which may impact an individual person’s stress levels. Specifically, the common physical and mental signs of stress are assessed within the Stress Check questionnaire. The extent to which behavioural types and attitude to work contribute to an individual’s stress levels are analysed. Target-setting exercises motivate the individual to change aspects of their behaviour to help reduce their overall stress levels.
  • CALM Complete Nutrition: This section assesses the components of diet which are proven to impact health. The individual’s intake levels are rated from ‘Good’ to ‘Poor’.
  • CALM Fitness: This provides a record of three primary areas: Suppleness, Strength and Stamina

Available to integrate into Cohort or run stand alone

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